Peter Gossas

Industrial Advisor

    A changing world in materials and materials processing. In some areas disruptive.

    Material development has from a cost perspective been directed to combination in the same material of different properties like strength, ductility, fatigue, corrosion, mechanical wear etc. Shape has by principle been restricted to what you can do with machining. Technologies like surface coating and 3D-printing will radically change this game. The tempo in this change will be helped by, as one example, China leaving the infrastructural build up phase! Doors to new competitive materials have been opened.

    About Peter Gossas

    Industrial advisor with more than 40 years in the metal industry. 2001-2011 President of Sandvik Materials Technology, 2009-2018 Member of Board of Höganäs AB (metal powders), 2013-now Member of the Board of Studsvik AB, 2015-now Chairman of the Board of Mainpartner OY, 2006-2012 Chairman of the Board of the Employers Association of the Swedish Metal Industry, Stål och Metall / Industriarbetsgivarna. Between 1974 and 2001 working in SSAB, Avesta AB/Avesta Sheffield/Avesta Polarit/Outokumpu.