Greta D’Angelo

Additive Manufacturing Specialist, AMEXCI AB

The importance of thinking differently: challenges and opportunities in metal Additive Manufacturing

Greta is a multidisciplinary engineer with a PhD in Additive Manufacturing from DTU Mek. In 2010 she moved from Italy to Denmark to continue her studies in design and shortly after she had her first encounter with a 3D printer. In the following years, she would then embark in countless academic 3D printing adventures, collaborating with designers and other universities such as MIT, where she has been a guest researcher developing a food printer, and ETH Zürich. After leaving academia, in the past two years, she has been working as an additive manufacturing specialist in different manufacturing companies, helping them developing and executing successful 3D printing strategies.
She now lives in Sweden, where she works as an additive manufacturing specialist and for a company called